Month Two: Washington DC

Pohick Bay Regional Park

Fairfax County, VA

Site: 4 stars. Large, nicely wooded site. During the day you could hear the shouts and laughter from the waterpark. This wasn’t detrimental to our stay since we weren’t around much during the day.

Price: $33 for electric only. Options vary from $29 to $47, depending on the hookup service you want.

Bathrooms: 4 stars

Customer Service: 4 stars

Amenities: 3 stars. Great, easy biking around the area. Nice playground for the kids. Waterpark down the street, though admission price additional so we didn’t partake.

WiFi: The park didn’t have WiFi. Great cell service though.

Proximity: 3 stars. Great distance to the train station, only 15 minutes from our campsite! However, it was then an additional 45 minutes, by train, into DC. There were a few spots in the parking structure at the train station that could accommodate bigger tow vehicles.

Website: 5 stars


Washington DC

A huge deciding factor to stay at Pohick Bay was its proximity to the train station that ushered us into DC. We have always loved public transportation. That, and the thought of heavy traffic, coupled with parallel parking the F350, made taking the train a no brainer. For those of you with more skill, snuggling a 1 ton truck into a tight spot, with crazy traffic, I applaud you. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the Metro was really well maintained and clean. This being our first real escort into a major city with kids, cleanliness was appreciated. Rowan had a blast and asked questions the entire time and Sullivan, well Sullivan wasn’t as impressed. The car never got overcrowded, which helped once we got closer and he became increasingly irritable.

The National Zoo

We couldn’t believe this was free. Since it is part of the Smithsonian Institution, there is no charge for admission. And this is one of the nicer zoos we have visited in a long time. Summertime, even during the week, means lots of summer camp groups in addition to the normal amount of tourists and visitors. We didn’t want to lug a cooler onto the Metro in addition to everything else we already had, but a picnic lunch from home would have been great here.

The National Air & Space Museum

Admittedly, we jumped in here because it started to pour and because the National Museum of Natural History was closed due to a movie filming inside. The area meant for smaller kids was still way over Rowan’s head for the most part. We didn’t stay here long and it probably would have been a better option for us without the kids.

The National Mall

The weather wasn’t great for it, but you can’t not take a stroll down the National Mall when in DC.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

We walked through (and grabbed some a lavash wrap and a frosé for Courtney) since it was happening right along the National Mall, but we were pretty underwhelmed. The weather was likely a factor, but not nearly as much live music or entertainment from what we saw on the website for the festival, which has been going on here for decades.

Lebanese Taverna

In the Woodley Park neighborhood near the Zoo, this spot helped with some serious shawarma/garlic sauce and freshly baked pita bread cravings we were having. Nice outdoor seating when street sweeping isn’t going on!


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