Krabi, Thailand

There are three main things I want to tell you about Krabi.

  • The hotel we stayed in (usually not our thing with kids) that was CHEAP and felt like our own private resort.
  • The beach you don’t want to miss–or pack all your camera gear and forget to charge your batteries for. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • The crazy strict rules on the budget airline we took around Thailand that will more than likely affect you if you’re traveling with a small child.


Snow House

We weren’t having much luck finding an AirBNB in Krabi so we landed on booking a room at Snow House through Agoda (used this site a couple of times in Thailand.) I didn’t have high hopes but at $40 a night this place was a dream. The on-site team were so friendly and accommodating–they have their own tuk-tuk and you can schedule rides with them from the hotel (at a cheaper rate) whenever you need. Was maybe a 10 minute drive to Ao Nang Beach. The entire place was brand new and spotlessly clean, with two pools and a restaurant that served up a pretty great breakfast (wish they served lunch and dinner.) We rarely saw any other guests that week and it honestly felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Downside was that you weren’t within actual walking distance to much. There was a local convenience store and a couple of small street vendors that Stephen would walk to for food if we didn’t want to take a tuk-tuk out. The reason I say “Stephen would walk to” is because he spoke more Thai than me and was much more familiar with the culture. I found it more daunting to walk into a non-touristy establishment here than in Bangkok. Also, since it was a hotel and not an AirBNB, there was no microwave to heat up food (non-issue for our noodle dishes.)  Just a mini fridge to keep food cold.


Railay Beach

Surely the most beautiful beach we saw in Thailand…and my biggest disappointment… was Railay Beach. Because I brought all my camera gear but had forgotten to charge my batteries. It’s about a ten minute longtail boat ride from Ao Nang Beach (for 100-200 baht each way per person). Without a doubt it felt like we were in that movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m sure I just sat there and stared around in wonderment for a long time. It was like the background had been Photoshopped in.

The beach has some touristy little cafes, coffee shops and restaurants set up in one central location. Railay has some pretty pricy resorts and vacation rentals–but if you go up along East Railay you can find some nice spots for as little as $60 a night. If you’re looking to save some money on a day trip here, we would recommend bringing a backpack cooler with some food and drinks to help you avoid spending money at the stands.



Alright. So the plus side is that traveling around Thailand via AirAsia is inexpensive. And the planes are actually pretty nice for a short flight.

But that is where it ended for me. At least when it comes to flying with a two-year-old.

There is no such thing as “Airplane Mode” apparently. I had done my due diligence and downloaded enough movies on Netflix to keep the tantrum-apt toddler fine through the length of the flight. I had no clue this airline would be any different than those I had flown on previously. AirAsia requires that all electronic devices be completely off for quite a length of time from pre-take-off to pre-landing. I learned my lesson after the first few flights (and meltdowns) on AirAsia. I would have to offer ample exciting snacks and somehow sneak the iPad away each time as we started to land. And not even offer it at all until well after we had taken off. (Difficult when you’ve been waiting for any length of time before boarding.)

The flight attendants weren’t nice about it. In fact they were the rudest flight attendants I’ve ever dealt with. But, it’s a budget airline for a reason and by flight five I would say I felt well prepared.

Bring snacks. Bring so many snacks.

Throw in a new little toy they have never seen before too. Whatever you have to do to survive. 😉

*Make sure to check out our latest Instagram post for some video clips of our time there!

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