Our Work


Who says you can’t grow something out of a sincere love for taking photos of your food? Courtney started up The Local Greenville in 2017 as a creative outlet and since then, it has blossomed into a way to showcase local businesses, people, events and eats/drinks in the town that we’re proud to call home–Greenville, South Carolina. She provides content creation services and helps local businesses grow through TLG’s social media influence and connections in the community.



Essential oils are a huge part of how our family works to live a healthy lifestyle and we use Young Living oils on a daily basis. If we need a remedy for something, we look to our essential oils first. We nerd out over learning new ways to use oils and are excited to be starting an account primarily to share how we use them with you! Stay tuned for more coming soon! In the meantime, check this out or reach out to Stephen directly at outofofficefamily@gmail.com – you’ll probably become immediate BFFs.